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Silent piling services for sheet piling projects. Offering silent, vibration free piling services nationwide. 

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What is Silent Piling?

Silent piling, is a construction method tailored for the installation of steel sheet piles by utilising the ‘press-in’ method. This approach is particularly useful in urban with residents or offices, environmentally delicate areas, and construction sites located in areas with limited space.

At Steel Piling Solutions, we are experts when it comes to vibration free piling. If your project is in need, we not only have the personnel but the plant, to complete the job.

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The Advantages of 'Press-In' Piling

  •  Traditional piling methods can cause significant noise pollution. Our silent sheet piling techniques eliminate excessive noise, making it ideal for projects in noise-sensitive areas such as urban environments, hospitals, or residential neighbourhoods.
  •  Our Giken Eco 700 Silent Piler operates with minimal vibration, reducing the potential impact on surrounding structures and ecosystems. This eco-friendly approach ensures sustainable construction practices and compliance with environmental regulations.
  •  The advanced ‘press in’ technology  allows for rapid and precise sheet piling installation. Its hydraulic system ensures efficient operations, saving time and costs compared to traditional piling methods.

Noise Reduction

Producing minimal sound, residents and offices can go undisturbed.

Environmental Friendly

Our Eco Friendly solutions are perfect for those jobs in pollution free zones

Vibration Free

For projects near historic buildings or vulnerable structures, our Giken Eco 700 can install sheet piles with no vibration.

A Silent Piler (Giken) Driving Steel Sheet Piles into the ground.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the construction industry, our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in silent piling techniques. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of silent sheet piling projects.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: We exclusively use the Giken Eco 700 Silent Piler, renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures efficient and precise silent piling, delivering superior results for our clients.
  • Commitment to Quality: At Steel Piling Solutions, we prioritise quality in every aspect of our work. From project planning to execution, we maintain the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Your project’s success is our top priority.

Our Clients

Eco-Friendly Piling Solution

Steel Piling Solutions is dedicated to adhering to local environmental regulations and standards. Our methods align with strict guidelines to minimise the impact on the environment. By using the Giken Eco 700 Silent Piler and other eco-friendly equipment, we ensure that our construction projects are carried out responsibly and in accordance with sustainable practices.

Choosing vibration free piling with Steel Piling Solutions means you can achieve your construction goals while reducing noise pollution, minimising vibrations, and preserving the environment. Experience the eco-friendliness of silent piling and join us in building a more sustainable future.

You can find out more from Giken here. We also offer Movax Piling solutions for urban areas. 


The Silent Piler method involves inserting steel sheet piles into the ground using a hydraulic press-fitting and extraction techniques.

Here’s how it works: existing piles are first pressed into the ground. The hydraulic static load generated from the extraction resistance is then utilised as a reactive force to press in the next set of piles.

This method ensures efficient and precise installation of piles, minimising noise and vibration, making it ideal for various construction projects.

Yes, silent piling is considered safe for construction projects. The method significantly reduces noise and vibration, making it suitable for environmentally sensitive areas and urban locations where traditional piling methods might cause disturbances.

These techniques are designed to prioritise safety, ensuring minimal impact on surrounding structures and communities while maintaining the integrity of the construction project.

It’s challenging to provide an exact decibel measurement without specific context, vibration free piling is engineered to be much quieter than conventional methods, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas such as urban environments, residential neighbourhoods, and places close to existing structures.

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