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We offer a wide range of sheet pile solutions to help you complete a variety of projects. Sheet piling has been our speciality for over 30 years across the UK and Ireland. Explore our services or get in touch for consultation.  

What is Sheet Piling?

Sheet piling is a construction technique used to retain soil, prevent water ingress, and provide foundational support in various civil engineering projects. It involves driving interlocking sheets, typically made of steel, into the ground to form a continuous barrier or wall. These sheets, known as sheet piles, are designed with a profile that allows them to interlock tightly, ensuring stability and strength.

The primary applications of sheet piling include the construction of retaining walls, cofferdams, seawalls, bulkheads, and foundation systems for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

There are many methods that can deliver sheet piles, explore this page to learn more about what may be best for your project. Alternatively, get in touch to begin consulation with one of our experts.


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Different Methods of Sheet Piling

Conventional Piling

Despite the rise of modern methods like silent piling, conventional piling remains crucial for its versatility.

This sheet piling technique involves the use of trestles, gates, beams, and impact or vibro hammers, making it a cornerstone of the sheet piling industry. Conventional piling is especially useful in areas where crane access is available, and it adapts well to various ground conditions.

The process starts with site preparation, using trestles and beams for alignment and stability. Sheets are then guided into place by operatives, often from a cherry picker, before being driven to the desired depth. Impact hammers deliver powerful blows, making them effective for dense, cohesive soils, while vibratory hammers use vibrations to reduce soil resistance, ideal for granular soils.

This method’s adaptability to diverse soil types and its effectiveness in sites with ample crane access make it invaluable for large-scale projects and areas with complex soil conditions.

With over 30 years experience, at SPS, we can ensure robust and reliable pile installations.

Silent Sheet Piling

Silent piling, also known as the ‘press-in’ technique, is gaining popularity due to its minimal noise and vibration, making it ideal for urban and environmentally sensitive areas.

Silent piling uses hydraulic rams to push sheet piles into the ground. The machine grips previously installed piles, using them as a reaction base to press-in subsequent piles. This allows the press-in machine to self-walk along the tops of a wall of sheet piles, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Developed around a ‘pitch and drive’ process, each sheet pile is installed to the design pile toe level, enabling the pile press equipment to move along the pile heads using a self-moving system. 

This method is particularly valuable for environmentally sensitive sites, such as urban developments, areas adjacent to existing structures, or embankment slopes with difficult access. 

Silent piling provides an efficient, effective solution while being mindful of environmental impact.

As expert silent piling installers, we invite you to consult with our professionals for your next project.

Movax Piling and Hire

Movax piling employs a side grip vibratory hammer mounted on an excavator This process involves the excavator gripping and positioning the sheet piles, with an operative ensuring they remain level.

The hammer then uses high-frequency vibrations to reduce soil resistance, allowing for smoother installation. Precision control of the hammer’s angle and position ensures accurate and efficient pile placement, even in challenging conditions.

Movax piling offers significant advantages, including enhanced precision, reduced project timelines, and versatility across various soil types. By leveraging Movax piling techniques, engineers can optimise sheet pile installations, ensuring successful project outcomes.

We offer a comprehensive package of both machine and operator hire alongside availability to complete your sheet piling projects with efficiency if the Movax is best suited. Learn more about our Movax services below.

Marine Piling

At Steel Piling Solutions, we specialise in providing comprehensive marine piling services designed to support diverse maritime projects. Our efficient and precise piling techniques ensure structural integrity, prevent soil movement, and withstand the unique challenges of marine environments.

Our marine piling solutions are adaptable to a wide range of construction needs, from reinforcing quay walls and bulkheads to securing foundations for piers, jetties, and other maritime structures.

Our skilled team of piling operatives is experienced in handling complex marine projects, ensuring efficient and effective execution from start to finish, even in the most challenging water conditions.

Let’s discuss how our marine piling solutions can elevate your next maritime construction project, ensuring safety, durability, and performance in any marine environment.

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Applications of Sheet Piles

Retaining Walls

Stabilise soil in areas with significant elevation changes. Prevent soil erosion and landslides.


Create temporary watertight enclosures for construction in water bodies. Facilitate dry working conditions for bridge piers, foundations, etc.


Provide foundational support for buildings and infrastructure. Enable construction on soft or unstable soils.

Flood Defences

Construct barriers to protect against flooding. Reinforce existing flood defenses.

Temporary Works

Provide temporary support and containment during construction. Easily removed and reused for other projects.

Marine Infrastructure

Support quay walls, piers, and jetties. Provide stability for docking and cargo handling operations.

Excavation Support

Create temporary walls for excavation projects. Prevent soil collapse during underground utility installations.

Seawalls and Bulkheads

Protect shorelines from erosion. Support waterfront structures against tidal and wave action.

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The main types of sheet pile installation methods include:

  • Conventional Piling: Uses impact or vibratory hammers to drive the sheets into the ground.
  • Silent Piling: Employs hydraulic rams to push the sheets into the ground with minimal noise and vibration.
  • Movax Piling: Utilises a side grip vibratory hammer mounted on an excavator or crane for precise and efficient installation.

Sheet piles are commonly used in various applications, including:

  • Retaining walls to stabilise soil.
  • Cofferdams to create dry work areas in water bodies.
  • Seawalls and bulkheads to protect shorelines.
  • Foundation systems for buildings and bridges.
  • Marine structures such as quay walls, piers, and jetties.

The advantages of using sheet piling include:

  • Quick Installation: Faster than many other methods.
  • Reusability: Steel sheet piles can be reused in multiple projects.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of soil types and site conditions.
  • Durability: Provides long-lasting support and protection in harsh environments.