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Expert Piling Contractors

Steel Piling Solutions have operated across the UK and Ireland as expert piling contractors for a wide array of specialist piling services

Land Piling

Our land piling contracts feature a wide array of crucial services, ensuring stability and durability in various terrain and construction environments. 

Marine Piling

From flood defences to offshore piling methods and maritime infrastructure, our marine piling services cover all of your coastal construction goals. 

Movax Piling

Precision and efficiency is what you get with our Movax piling solutions. Installation or plant hire? We have you covered.

Silent Piling

For projects in urban environments or require low vibrations, utilise our silent piling hire and operation. Find out more. 


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Why Choose Us as Your Piling Contractors?

With over 30 years of industry experience, Steel Piling Solutions offers expertise in marine and land piling across the UK and Ireland.

Our versatile approach encompasses a wide array of piling techniques tailored to suit your specific needs

• Silent Piling (Giken): Utilising innovative silent piling, we minimise disturbance and environmental impact while delivering exceptional results.

• Movax Piling: Our advanced Movax equipment allows for efficient and precise piling operations, ensuring optimal outcomes even in challenging conditions.

• Conventional Piling: With traditional piling methods, we offer reliable solutions for a variety of construction projects, using gates and beams for those restricted access areas.

• Marine/Offshore Piling: From coastal protection to offshore structures, we have the expertise to handle marine piling projects with precision and safety.

• Rig Piling: Our rig piling services offer versatility and reliability for most projects, providing efficient piling.

At Steel Piling Solutions, we’re committed to exceeding expectations, delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. Contact us today to discover how our marine and land piling expertise can elevate your next project to new heights.

Land piling rig for sheet pile installation

Covering UK and Ireland

At Steel Piling Solutions, we proudly cover projects throughout the UK and Ireland, offering our expertise in marine and land piling services across both regions.

Whether your project is located on the rugged coastlines of Ireland or the bustling cities of the UK, our experienced team is equipped to deliver top-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. With comprehensive coverage spanning these territories, we ensure that clients in every corner benefit from our decades of industry knowledge and commitment to excellence.

From coastal protection projects in Waterford, Ireland to urban developments in the Leeds, UK, Steel Piling Solutions is your trusted partner for all marine and land piling needs across the UK and Ireland.

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